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Best Natural Ways to Cure Your Hangover

The best way to cure a hangover is to not drink because prevention is always better than cure but we all know that that is certainly unlikely to happen so here are the best natural ways to cure your hangover from all the booze you drank last night!


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Meditation has been proven by scientific research to have many health benefits so it should come as no surprise that meditation is one of the natural ways to help alleviate the negative aftereffects of drinking.

Belly Breathing

Expand your whole stomach and chest when inhaling and collapse it when exhaling. Belly breathing forces your lungs to operate at full capacity, oxygenates the body, and activates the relaxation response. Blood circulation is also improved, allowing you to recover faster. Lie on your back with your hand on your belly while doing belly breathing so as to ensure that you are practicing this technique correctly. When inhaling, expand your ribs, diaphragm, and belly such that you should feel your hand rise and fall. When exhaling, imagine flattening your belly against your spine. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

Nostril Breathing

Start off by letting go of all the air in your lungs and exhale with the nose. Press your thumb against the right nostril and inhale slowly through left nostril. Hold your breath for a few seconds. With your right forefinger close your left nostril as you release your thumb from the right nostril. Exhale through the right nostril, while keeping the left one closed. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat this in eight sets of four. This technique helps you to balance the mind and calms the nervous system, suitable for a hangover.


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Stretching and yoga poses are great for hangovers because they help get out the toxins and increase blood flow, easing any terrible symptoms that you might be feeling.

Child’s Pose

In a kneeling position, bend forward and stretch your arms all the way to the front with your eyes closed. This pose gently compresses your abdomen to stimulate peristalsis and enhances the circulation of lymph, one of your body’s main methods for removing metabolic waste products.

Cat-Cow Post

Slowly get up from the child’s pose and get into a crawling position. Each cycle feels as if you’re getting a little spinal flush – you’ll activate and stretch the muscles of both your abdomen and back which will aid in getting over the hangover. Moving activates your cardiovascular system which effects blood flow and that change helps your body restore itself and process the alcohol and its by-products.

Remember not to binge drink and do not overdo it every time! Drink safely and responsibly. Check out the best foods to help prevent hangovers here for more natural ways to combat hangovers on Boozez, Singapore’s Number 1 Drinking platform!


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