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Best-flavoured Soju

Best Flavoured Soju

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Soju is the spirit that is sold the most in the world, with sales volume hitting up to 63 million cases annually. So what makes this dilute vodka or rubbing alcohol spirit so popular? It would definitely be its cheap price – sold everywhere in Korea, Soju is available at less than 2000 won which is around 2USD. Cheap and effective, a few shots of soju will leave you feeling the effect as it has an ABV of around 20%. But let’s be real here, soju is not the best-tasting alcohol around and as a result, many soju manufacturers have come up with a solution – flavoured soju. Check out the best-flavoured soju that is available now!



Sweet with a slightly bitter note, grapefruit soju is pretty reflective of how the actual fruit is like so heads up for those grapefruit fans, this is for you! Mix it with Sprite or Chilsung Cider (the Korean version of Sprite), the combination proves to be refreshing and perfect for those who are unable to stand the taste of the original unflavoured soju.



Almost likened to Ribena but not as sweet. The raspberry flavour is strong enough to mask the original taste of unflavoured soju but still remains subtle such that the flavour is not overpoweringly sweet, making it hard to stomach.



The peach soju may seem a bit too sickeningly sweet at first taste but its beauty shines through when added to a mixer to cut through its sweetness. That is where the peach flavour stands out, making this a winner amongst the flavoured soju.


Green Grape

Several people called this grape gummies in liquid form. Sounds good already doesn’t it! No surprises as to why its one of the best-flavoured soju. The green grape soju is a crowd favourite with its sweet flavour that masks the taste of raw unflavoured soju.



The apple soju is smooth and tastes almost like the real fruit itself. Easy to drink, remember to go easy on it as the alcohol content is still pretty high so don’t drink yourself to oblivion without even realising! Mix this with Chilsung cider for a fresher rendition of the soju!


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