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Best drinks for Picnics

best picnic drinks

Its summer time and you and your friends are dusting off the picnic mats and baskets in preparation for some fun times at the greenery! Here are the best picnic drinks as they are easy to make in large portions and are extremely delicious! Enjoy your picnic even more with these best picnic drinks!

Rosé Beers & Ciders

Rosé beer

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Instead of your usual beers, get rosé beers for some extra sweetness at your picnic! Its pink hues also make it a pretty prop for your picnic pictures. Now Instagram that, would you? Try out Hoegaarden’s Rosée or Somerby’s Sparkling Rosé cider.



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Margaritas can be pitcher perfect too! Easy to make for large groups, this is one cocktail that can be mass made such that you can bring it to a picnic. Definitely a refreshing drink when you are out picnicking in the sun!

Vodka Ginger Lemonade


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Lemonade is the go-to drink during summer for a pick me up and is usually kid-friendly. But while it is nice as it is, you can make it even better by adding vodka in! Take it up a notch by adding ginger syrup in for that extra fiery kick in your lemonade!

Pimms Cup


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Pimms has come a long way from its origins! A favourite with many – Pimms Cup is one drink that is suitable for picnics due to the burst of flavours and the ease of which you are able to make it in large batches.

Grapefruit Mimosas


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The citrus goodness of grapefruit juice against bubbly – what could go wrong? Nothing! This easy drink consists of only those two ingredients and ice (which is not even needed if the juice and champagne are chilled!). Simply bring bottles of both out in your picnic ice box and mix when a drink is required. Easy to make and very enjoyable!

If picnics are not your thing due to the sun, check out these garden bars for more summer feels.