Best Clubs in Singapore 2018

Best Clubs in Singapore 2018

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When you need to blow off steam after a tough day’s work, there’s no better place to let your hair down and dance your troubles away than our island nation’s terrific nightclubs. Hit up the best clubs in Singapore of 2018 on Ladies’ Night and the weekends for a night you won’t forget.


Zouk club Singapore

It’s a staple of Singaporean nightlife, a two-decade-long mainstay of the clubbing scene. Zouk is the perfect picture of what a nightclub should look, sound and feel like, which tends to make it the first club people go to before developing more eclectic tastes. A lot of those first time clubbers find that Zouk is exactly what they’re looking for, cementing its spot here as one of the best clubs in Singapore.

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Kilo Lounge

Kilo Lounge

An exclusive club hidden behind an unassuming Tanjong Pagar entrance, the Kilo Lounge is decked out in street art mixed with a hipster aesthetic that has dazzled clubber after clubber. Choose from an array of uniquely designed drinks while partying along to a lineup of locally and internationally renowned DJs.

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Club Attica

With two floors built for insane dancing and an open-air courtyard perfect for a mid-dance break, Attica’s widespread popularity and critical acclaim is well-earned. Whether you’re a fan of new electronic dance music or catchy remixes of pop hits, this crazy club’s got you covered with each of its dance floors offering different tones and tunes for every discerning clubber. Known by many as of the best clubs in Singapore, Attica’s exclusion from this list is all but unthinkable.

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Canvas Club Singapore

For those of us who want a break from the earwormy, mainstream EDM proffered by most nightclubs, Canvas is the place for you. Playing an eclectic mix of genres including the understated techno style, this art gallery by day/club by night concept space seals its place on a list of best bars in Singapore by delivering an off-beat distinctiveness which defies expectations of what a conventional nightclub should be like

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Bang Bang

Bang Bang Club Singapore

Have a blast at the bustling Bang Bang, a nightclub hosted at the opulent Pan Pacific Hotel. For clubbers who aren’t sure what they’re looking for, Bang Bang’s lack of cover charge means that potential guests could walk into the club, assess the mood and music of this dynamic new nightclub and decide whether they would like to party the night away here. Most decide to stay.

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Fleek Singapore

Make sure your outfits and brows are #onFleek when you head down to this highly Instagrammable club, packed to the brim with bodies dancing with the exuberance of youth. Whether you’re fresh out of school or young at heart, Fleek promises some of the best experiences a club can offer with its dazzling beats and talented cast of DJs.

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F Club

F Club Singapore

Head on down to just about the hottest club in all of Singapore. Popular amongst new clubbers and seasoned partygoers alike, F Club manages to thrill and dazzle every time it opens its doors.  Rave along to the fantastic beats laid out by all-star local DJs and renowned guests from every corner of the globe the fashionable F Club.

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