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Best Ciders in Singapore 2018

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Forget the typical Somersby or Strongbow Ciders and try out the other ciders on the market! They are sure to pack more of a punch and flavour so put that Somersby back onto the shelf and grab one of these best ciders in Singapore!


Little Creatures Pipsqueak Apple Cider

Little Creatures is finally in Singapore! This Australian brewery is known for its ales but try their apple cider and you might be surprised! This cider comes with great carbonation and apple notes. This is one solid bottle of golden and fizzy apple cider.


Henry Westons Vintage Cider

Made from a year’s harvest of British apples grown in Herefordshire, this apple cider is matured in aged oak vats for around six months before being bottled and sold. The tart and sweet apple flavour combined with the ABV at 8.2% gives this cider a rich fruit character.


Rekordelig Strawberry-Lime Cider

A Swedish favourite, the Strawberry-Lime Cider is definitely a switch from the usual apple or pear ciders that we always have. This refreshing and sweet combination is great for those who don’t like typical beers and want something sweet. Right up your alley!


älska Lemon & Ginger Cider

A fun fact that many people do not know, älska is Swedish for love! Creators named it as such in hopes of spreading love all around the world. With their array of ciders, one that is not to miss is the unique pairing of lemon and ginger. The tanginess and tartness of lemon balance out against the earthy and warm notes of ginger in this cider. Perfect for any occasion!


ACE Pineapple Cider

Pineapples remind us of Havana and Pina Coladas but surprise! ACE has come up with a pineapple cider. What’s better still? Ciders from ACE are all gluten free so even those with dietary restrictions can enjoy it!


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