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Best Beers from Little Creatures

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One of Australia’s most renowned brewery has just opened in Singapore and it is best known for its many beers. Other than heading down to their space for a drink, you can get their beers online at RedMart and other distributors as well so it is possible to stock up your favourites at home! Some backstory on Little Creatures, it is named after the song lyrics on Talking Heads’ “Little Creatures” album and the stuff that help in beer brewing, yeast. It was started by a group of friends who gained inspiration while on a road trip in the United States and hence Little Creatures was born in Fremantle, Western Australia. If you are new to Little Creatures, here is a list of the best beers from Little Creatures!


little creatures pale ale

Credit: RedMart

First up on our list of the best beers from Little Creatures is the beer that started it all – Little Creatures’ Pale Ale. Inspired by the hoppy ale that the friends tried in the USA, they went on to attempt to brew their own and came up with Little Creatures’ pioneer ale, the Pale Ale. Released in 2001, it took Australia by storm and soon became one of the most popular beers in the country. With its key flavours being citrus, nectarine and burnt toffee, Little Creatures’ Pale Ale is a well-crafted and defined beer with its malts and hops being balanced well. An easy beer to drink and start with. Don’t forget to try this out!


little creatures bright ale

Credit: RedMart

Tropical, fruity and with hints of floral notes, the Bright Ale is a fun and exciting ale to try out. With a subtle malt to balance out the hops, the Bright Ale is a refreshing drink, especially on a summer’s day. Truly an Australian ale with its clean and crisp taste! Something special about the Bright Ale is its brewing method which Little Creatures fondly terms as hybrid as they combine modern brewing techniques with techniques from the past.


little creatures pilsner

Credit: Little Creatures Australia

The classic Pilsner but with a Little Creatures’ twist. The Pilsner goes through a traditional long fermentation and a liberal dose of hops. It leans closer to the North German pilsner due to the hops in it. Little Creatures warns of the bitterness in this drink, one that is not to be messed with as it is said to be earth shattering.


little creatures IPA

Credit: Little Creatures Australia

The IPA is the hoppiest of all the hops in the Little Creatures series. With rugged and earthy hops, the IPA definitely delivers big hops when drank. Expect citrus and aniseed notes in this ale. A smooth beer with a bitter finish, the IPA definitely leaves you with wanting more.



little creatures rogers beer

Credit: Little Creatures Australia

Rogers’ Beer is named after two Australian brewing legends, Roger Bailey and Roger Bussell. Made with whole hop flowers and toasted malts, these elements bring about a gentle bitterness and light citrus hop notes alongside notes of toasted toffee and caramel. A nod to the English ales with a Little Creatures spin, Rogers’ Beer is a full bodied ale that should be on your list.


little creatures pipsqueak apple cider

Credit: RedMart

Pipsqueak ain’t a beer but a cider and is a fine one at that despite Little Creatures specialising in ales. Made entirely from fresh and harvested Australian apples with no concentrates, the Pipsqueak is a refreshing and tangy apple cider.

Do check out Little Creatures’ first Singapore outlet and if you are headed to Western Australia, head over to the very first pioneer outlet in Fremantle. Experience tours of the breweries and see how your favourite beers are made. What a treat to try out the best beers from Little Creatures!


Little Creatures Singapore, Mohamed Ali Lane, 36 Club Street, Singapore 069469

Little Creatures, 40 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia


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