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Best Beach Clubs in Singapore 2018

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Despite experiencing the sweltering heat almost all year round, Singaporeans still love heading to the beach to get a good dose of the sun, sand and sea. Just imagine sipping on your cocktail while lazing on a deck chair in your shades and floppy beach hat! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Check out the best beach clubs in Singapore for some Vitamin D and booze in your system!



Tanjong Beach Club

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Tanjong Beach Club is more or less synonymous with Sentosa – hence it being the first beach club mentioned. One of the top 50 beach clubs in the world, the day beds, drinks, bar bites and perfect location on the beach definitely explain their position. Not forgetting their sick line up of international DJs who spin, Tanjong Beach Club should be where you first head to when you think of a beach club!


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Laidback and rustic beach vibes, Coastes is for the chiller crowd. Their sunbeds and cabanas are at water’s edge, allowing you to take in the sights right from where you are lazing at. Order one of their frozen cocktails to tide you through the heat while you sunbathe and get that tan on!


50 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099000


Ola Beach Club

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Ola is a Hawaiian word for life, health and well-being and Ola Beach Club is named as such as it wants its visitors to have the same passion and inspiration for life when they visit the beach. It promises excellent Hawaiian-inspired cuisine by serving up unique takes on traditional dishes so sit back, sip your drink from a tiki glass and soak up the sun at this beautiful beachfront bar. Experience what it means to be free and explore the great outdoors right by the sea at Ola Beach Club.


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East Coast Park

Myra’s Beach Club

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One of the more unique beach clubs due to the cuisine offered here – Mexican and North Indian cuisine. Enjoy some tacos and garlic naan while enjoying the gorgeous view of the sunset at Myra’s Beach Club. Also if you are for some water sports, head to Water Venture which is just next door!

PSA: Closed for renovation until further notice


1390 East Coast Park, Singapore 468961



Handmade pizzas with ice-cold beers – a combination perfect for the beach! That is not all that Sandbank comes with, one highlight of Sandbank is also their 15m plunge pool, dive to your heart’s content (cautiously and carefully of course).  Sandbank is one place where you’d get good grub on the beach!


#01-28/32, 920 East Coast Park, Singapore 449875


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