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Best Bars to have fun in Singapore 2018

We all look for fun and games and even more so when we drink but most bars do not have space or have the necessary equipment for us to have some fun with our friends. Fret not because Boozez brings to you the best bars to have fun in Singapore and party the entire night with your friends over booze and games!



It is Beer O Clock at Stickies, get cheap beer when you go early in the day as the beers are priced by the hour! Not only does Stickies have amazing pocket-friendly deals for their beer (it’s one of the cheapest that you can find), they carry an extensive array of entertainment options for you and your friends to have fun too! They carry board games like Exploding Kittens to a Play Station 4 where you can game with your friends and not forgetting the usual darts and pool.


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Credits: Hopheads Bar

An underground hideout, Hopheads is one of the best bars to have fun in Singapore with friends or colleagues after a long day of work. Just get a drink (especially the craft beers available on tap that are on rotation) and get to play their foosball, table tennis, darts and pool for free! It will be a wild ride seeing your friends hit the ping pong ball while tipsy. Drunk table tennis? Why not!


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iDarts Halo

idarts halo

Credits: iDarts Halo

A drink and darts bar, iDarts Halo appeals with its futuristic electronic darts machines where many come after work to chill out. Some companies even head to iDarts Halo for cohesion sessions instead of the usual laser tag or paintball. Talk about one bonding session we all don’t wanna miss! Let’s all aim to hit the bullseye and hopefully not miss even when we are tipsy!

201 Victoria Street, Bugis+, #03-24, 188067


Level Up

level up

Credit: Level Up

Level Up is essentially a hybrid between a bar and an arcade. Just buy food and drinks to earn free game tokens or purchase the game tokens themselves so that you can enjoy the various games that Level Up has. They carry old school arcade games like Street Fighter and Metal Slug which you can play to take a walk down memory lane with your pals! For the younger folks, fret not because they have newer games like Time Crisis, basketball machines and air hockey. Talk about a dazzling array, they even have bishibashi and claw machines! You are sure to have a ball of a time at Level Up!


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Credit: The Cathay

Set up by a Korean ahjussi (Korean for uncle) and his wife, Thirsty4balls is the Korean rendition of billiard played with only four balls, hence the name of the shop. Your first impression of this game bar would definitely be its aesthetically pleasing pastel interior complete with neon lights to make for Instagram worthy picture spots. Guys, keep this place on your go-to spots for dates because while you play billiards, your girlfriend will entertain herself by taking pictures around the bar! It is THAT photogenic. Beers and ciders go at $8 nett here so head up to Thirsty4Balls for a fun night out in Singapore!

#04-12 to 17, The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233


Club Castle

club castle

Credit: Club Castle

Last but not least on the list of the best bars to have fun in Singapore is Club Castle! Located in D’Kranji Farm Resort, this is one odd location for a games bar but Club Castle surprises us! Chock full of different games and activities like Jenga, pool and karaoke, this is one place to hang out with friends and have loads of fun! Try out their interesting drinks like the Nu Er Hong which is served in a wine pot that looks like it came out of a period drama set and even comes complete with ceramic bowls for you to drink out of! You and your friends could almost be time travelling here!

#01-10, 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, D’Kranji Farm Resort, Singapore 718813


Check out these best bars to have fun in Singapore and let us know how they were! Boozez is Singapore’s Number 1 drinking platform! Check out other bars here!

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