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A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Shots

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Shots shots shots shots! If you have started working or have a bunch of partygoers as your friends, be prepared for repeated rounds of shots during your night out. Always a fun bonding experience with friends, don’t freak out if it’s your first time taking shots. Here is a beginner’s guide to taking shots so read on and don’t fret!


The Beginner’s Guide to Taking Shots

Take the shot all at once

Take the shot in one mouth and do not sip it! That is why is it called a shot as you literally drink everything in one shot.


Don’t hold it in

The alcohol in the shot should go straight down and not remain in your mouth. Your mouth is just a gateway so do not hold the alcohol in it!


Avoid mixing

Yes, shots like the Jaegerbomb or the Blowjob sound fun but such orders only make you seem like a newbie. Order shots of pure spirit for more mature vibes and to conceal the beginner vibes.


Remember the tequila shot sequence

Tequila shots are pretty common so its good to have the tequila shot sequence down in the back of your head. Lick the back of your hand (near the thumb), dash some salt on it, lick the salt, take the tequila shot and bite the lime! A pretty simple routine consisting of five steps, it should be no issue for you to remember unless you are dead drunk already.


Don’t light the shot on fire

Alcohol + fire is a recipe for disaster, especially if you are a beginner so leave the flaming shots up to the bartender and keep your lighter away from any shots that you and your friends order. When we say to drink safely and responsibly, this counts as part of the advice as well.


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