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Why Bars With Live Music Are Awesome

I know that the idea of bars with live music can be a turn off to those who like their watering holes music-free, but the idea behind having live bands play at bars is a fantastic concept that shouldn’t be snuffed out in the local scene. We’ve provided a list of reasons why you should go to bars with live bands playing,

live music band

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You might find your new favourite local band

Live bands come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no one form of music that pleases everyone. If you’re a picky person, you might find the music grating 9 times out of 10. Eventually, however, you’re bound to find a diamond in the rough. Out of all the average or subpar bands playing at your favourite bar, one of them could sound like a Greek chorus to your ears (metaphorically, unless you’re really into ancient Greek theatre). Who knows? Keep going to bars with live bands and you might just find a Singaporean Kurt Cobain amidst of all the riffraff.


free concert

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You basically get a free concert

Maybe you went out to get a few drinks with your buddies to destress or catch up with them. All you wanted was a place to hang out, but hey! The bar you’re at happens to have a live band. No matter what the quality of the music is, at least you’re getting a dinner and show. Labelling all Singaporeans as “kiasu” is a baseless stereotype, but you’ve got to admit that there’s something satisfying about receiving a little bit more than you paid for so stop putting off visiting bars with live music!


woman singing

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You can sing along without shame

When music is being funnelled through speakers in the bar, it’s clearly meant to be treated as Muzak and background music. However, when live music is being played you’ve got two options – treat it like run of the mill speaker music or to treat it like a concert. This means that when the band is playing your favourite song, considering the alcohol you’ve all consumed it’s totally acceptable to sing along with their frontman. Live your life, girl (or guy).



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You’re supporting the local arts scene

A lot of conventional wisdom states that being an artist or musician in Singapore is a dead end, career-wise. Those who defied that wisdom and had the courage to dedicate their lives to fulfilling their dreams of being a professional guitarist, singer or drummer deserve some degree of recognition from us. You don’t have to give them money to support them; by simply choosing to drink at the bar that they’re playing at you’re demonstrating that their music appeals to customers, which makes the bar more likely to book them for another gig. And if you’re feeling really supportive, buy them a round of beers.

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