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Alcohol flavoured snacks to try

Alcohol flavoured snacks are the genius creations that we never knew we needed for the times that we can’t drink but desperately want a drink! Try out these few alcohol flavoured snacks for a midday pick-me-up or just for fun!

alcohol flavoured snacks

Credit: Choiz


Burt’s Guinness chips

burts guinness chips

Credit: Burt’s Chips

Craving for that pint of Guinness? Fret not because there are Guinness flavoured chips. The chips are flavoured with hops and roasted barley to give it the iconic taste of Guinness. The bittersweet taste in crisp potato goodness? Hit me up!


Boozy Popsicles

boozy popsicles

Credit: Frutapop

Burning up in the summer? No worries because there are boozy popsicles available! Nothing like a boozy cocktail to refresh you while in the sun. Try out flavours like Sangria to Bellini’s, you won’t be disappointed!


Gin & Tonic popcorn

gin & tonic popcorn

Credit: Joe & Seph’s

Gin & Tonic flavoured popcorn sounds like a dream come true for all you gin & tonic lovers! You can really taste the flavours of gin like the juniper and citrus notes. This gourmet popcorn is amazingly delicious and is a real game changer! Try it and you will never look back.


Rum & Raisin Dessert Cheese

rum and raisin dessert cheese

Credit: Shopee

We have all tried and love our rum and raisin ice cream but have you ever tried rum & raisin cheese? Trust the Japanese to come up with such a concoction! The rum & raisin dessert cheese is a sweet mix that really reminds me of rum & raisin ice cream, just in a much richer form and with some tartness from the cream cheese. Try this out with some shortbread or biscuits!


Royce Nama Champagne Pierre Mignon Chocolates

royce nama chocolates

Credit: Royce

A cult favourite, everyone loves themselves some Royce chocolates. The Nama series has plenty of liquor infused chocolates but the Champagne Pierre Mignon ones stand out because of its slightly more intense flavour. Taste the slight sparkle in these chocolates as you sink your teeth in. You will not be able to stop at one!

Do let us know if there are any other alcohol flavoured snacks worth trying! Check out other boozy articles at Boozez here!

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