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A Riverdale Drinking Game


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After successfully capitalizing on the source material of superhero books into the hit TV shows Arrow, Flash and Supergirl, the CW has set its eyes on another comic book adaptation – the perennially successful and wholesome Archie Comics. Whether or not you used to read the comics in primary school or leafed through a copy in Popular, you’ve seen an episode or two of Riverdale. Ungenerously described by some as “the most entertaining trash” they’ve ever seen on Netflix, Riverdale has caught fire amongst the younger audiences in Singapore for being an insanely fun teen drama crossed with a slow-burn detective story paradoxically littered with moments of high-octane thrills. As fun as it is to watch an attractive cast go on crazy adventures in their wonderfully ridiculous fictional town, it can only get better once you add some booze to the mix.

That’s right, the next time you’re binging Riverdale on Netflix with your friends, bring along a bottle of Absolut and some plastic cups because things are about to get crazy fun. Like, “holding a concert on the roof of a neon-lit diner” fun. Are you ready?


Alright, Serpents and Northsiders. Take a drink if…

  • Veronica mentions New York


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She does love that concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

  • Jughead references an old book or movie

Two drinks if it’s in a voiceover

  • There’s a reference to the Blossoms being creepy


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Try not to die of alcohol poisoning.


  • Cheryl burns someone

Cheryl burns someone

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  • “Archiekins”


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What a cutie.

  • “Jingle Jangle”

Remember kids; hugs, not drugs.

  • Betty doesn’t wear her hair in a ponytail

Betty without ponytail

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  • Betty digs her nails in

Betty digs her nails in

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  • Any of the characters start singing

characters start singing

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Take two drinks if they’re wearing cat ears while doing it.

  • Archie talks about music

Ughhhh, make him stop.


  • There’s a scene at Pop’s

 scene at Pop’s

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Take two drinks if there’s excessive neon lighting and finish your drink if Jughead eats a burger.

  • Hiram Lodge says something sinister

How can someone who’s that scary be so attractive? Even the Riverdale parents are ludicrously good looking.

  • Any of the Lodges say “mija”


Bonus Round:

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Archie goes topless

 Archie goes topless

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  • Jughead goes hatless

Jughead goes hatless

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