A Guide to Effective Pre-Drinking in Clubs or Bars

A Guide to Effective Pre-Drinking


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Singaporeans are all about efficiency. We plot our public transport paths to prevent unnecessary wastage of time and we consistently stress the value of expedient customer service. Why should the process of getting super drunk be any less efficient?

Clubs are no fun when you’re sober, but you don’t want to spend a fortune swigging craft beers for the next hour in order to reach a sufficient level of insobriety. The focus of your pre-drinking should be to get as high as possible as quickly as possible. In the interest of conserving energy and cash, these are some tips to expedite your inebriation so that before you know it, you’ll be in the club, soaking in some good vibes. Here is our guide to effective predrinking!


Beer before liquor

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The phrase “beer before liquor, never sicker” refers to the conventional wisdom that downing a couple of Heineken before imbibing whiskey neat results in an epic “high” before cumulating into a massive hangover the day after. While the latter is regrettable and science has never quite been able to explain how this works, many a clubgoer can personally vouch for the authenticity of this method.


Tequila shots

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While you might be able to acquire the same level of intoxication after 3 pints of stout, a simple shot of tequila often has the same effect for a portion of the cost. It’s no surprise that liquor packs a bigger punch than its brewed contemporaries, so if you want to get buzzed quickly before you stride into the club with your buddies, I’d recommend a few shots in rapid succession first.


Have an early, healthy dinner


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Conventional wisdom states that eating a hearty oily meal before you drink makes it harder for your intestines to absorb the alcohol, hence inhibiting the process of expediently getting drunk. While you should always ensure that you’ve eaten enough to keep healthy and fit for partying, perhaps an earlier, non-greasy dinner might be the right choice before embarking on your nights’ out of effective pre-drinking.

Split a bottle

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As anyone who’s ever tried to pre-drink at a bar before clubbing can attest to, individual cocktails and shots can cost a lot of money once the glasses add up. Instead, try getting an entire bottle with your friends so as to save money and cut down on the time it takes to order round after round. If there isn’t enough in one bottle to go around, you can always get two. Never try to steal one from behind the counter in the club – as many a drunken clubber has discovered, they will find you.

Now that you’re wise in the ways of effective pre-drinking, the next step would be to find a few places to get your drink on, as well as a couple of new clubs to party in. You could scour the internet endlessly for half-baked reviews, maybe send a desperate text to a group chat, or perhaps you could check out all the information compiled about the opening hours and special promotions of all the bars and clubs listed on BOOZEZ.com. Give it a whirl, girl (and guys).